Master classes by Bachata Inspire in Graz, Austria


Master classes by Bachata Inspire
Sunday 10.11. from 14 – 20h
Eggenberger Allee 3, 8020 Graz (Movements dance gym)



What is that ?
Master classes is 5 hours of bachata workshops for intermediate and advanced bachata dancers who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills in bachata. To join this class you have to be minimum of intermediate bachata dancer because we will not teach any basic but go straight to more complicated combinations.

We work in smaller groups 20 – 30 people and take our time with every move so you can learn it with proper technique, sense for music and to know where and when to apply it. We will try out moves with every one of you and instruct you how to do it properly. It will be individual approach with a lot of patience and guaranteed progress.

Who will teach you ?
Roberto & Gloria will be your instructor bachata instructors. We formed dance school Bachata Inspire in Zagreb, which is specialized for sensual bachata, we designed our own technique and musicality workshops and we teach bachata on 5 levels, from beginners to master classes. Bachata Inspire counts more than 200 students in Zagreb and we have been instructors on many regional bachata festivals and weekend workshops.

Price ?
Price is 70€ per person up to 03.11., 80€ until 3.11. and 90€ after 03.11.. We sell maksimum 30 tickets, which means once we got to that number we will close applications and you will not be able to join this workshops anymore. We always do our best to level gender to have equal number of leaders and followers.

When and where?
Sunday 10.11. from 14 – 20h
Eggenberger Allee 3, 8020 Graz (Movements dance gym)